4 ways to increase traffic to your website

4 ways to increase traffic to your website

While you may have spent plenty of time on the design and branding of your site, the hard bit is yet to come. Websites don’t suddenly get to the top of the Google rankings without some clear marketing strategy designed to get you noticed.

  1. Get the SEO Basics Right

If you have just started out in business, you may well know the term search engine optimisation. In it’s very simplest sense, this is getting the right selection of keywords into your page content so that it gets picked up by search engines. It’s a lot more nuanced than that, however. A number of factors affect ranking including the value and quality of the content you write, who links to you and how your underling HTML or web infrastructure is laid out. The bottom line is that higher ranking means more customers coming to your digital door.

  1. Start a Blog

While the main part of your website has been written, it can often remain a static. Search engines like new content, so writing content for blog posts on your site can make a big difference. You might also like to consider posting guest blogs on other sites to increase your reach. Great blog content has more chance of being linked to by other sites and is a great way to improve your overall ranking. It also helps you develop a reputation and keep potential customers engaged and coming back for more.

  1. Get Social

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are some of the most powerful and cheap marketing tools at your disposal. You can easily build a fan base and post content that links into your site to create more traffic. It takes a little of work and you may need to invest in some advertising to increase the numbers, but if you have a good strategy in place you can drive plenty more people to your site.

  1. Build Relations with Influencers

If there are people in your sector who have a big influence on what others do, contacting them and building a relationship is vital. It’s one thing that many website owners fail to do. These individuals can often send large amounts of traffic to a site they like. If you can discover what switches them on and what they are keen to promote, you can create a ready-made source of relevant traffic.


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Sue Kemp
Owner of Kemp Marketing with over 20 years Marketing experience predominantly in the Technology industry working for IBM, Samsung and Nokia. Sue now enjoys helping small and medium size businesses from any industry to grow. Mum of two girls, lives in Reigate, Surrey.

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