Christmas website Design

We love seeing brands get into the Christmas spirit, whether it’s the John Lewis Christmas tv ad, or your local small business. It is imperative that your seasonal branding is thoughtful and appealing and most importantly, in keeping with your brand. Christmas is an important time of year for any business as Beccy addressed in a recent post Planning for Christmas as a Small Business, and Oli touched on the History of Influencer Marketing when Coca Cola took Santa Claus and entwined him with their brand.

Is your website ready for Christmas? Here are some ideas on how to add some festive flair to your website leading up to Christmas. Whether you decide to market your business or to simply spread some online joy over the festive period.

Festive Graphics

One of the best ways to get your website in the mood is to add some festive-themed graphics to your website. These could include anything from Christmas themed banners to icons in your menu or festive backgrounds. There’s a vast library of themed icons and stock photography available to help you reflect the upcoming season. Changing the background of your website or decorating your newsletter in a subtle way to add some Christmas cheer to your digital marketing campaign.

Something ‘Brand’ new for Christmas?

Get creative with your brand, add some Christmas style to your logo. Everyone loves a Santa hat and snow is easy to replicate. Here are some effective examples over the years:

Christmas branding

Christmas Newsletter

During the Christmas period, we receive a large volume of promotional emails. It is extremely important to have a meaningful message and design that relates to your audience. After all Christmas is the time for giving and the spirit of goodwill so the tone is paramount.

When designing the newsletter you don’t want to move too far away from your current brand guidelines, as customers still need to acknowledge who you are and who they are receiving the email from. You can still utilise the Christmas theme with subtle implementations of animated snowfall, sleighs, baubles, snowflakes or wreaths.

Countdown to Christmas

Adding a Christmas countdown to your website is a popular choice with a variety of eCommerce websites. It increases the chance that a user will engage with your website, services or product. Countdowns are exceptionally versatile and can be designed to suit your brand. Interactive advent calendars are also a nice feature that engages customers, with vouchers and promotions revealed when opening numbered doors, or links to social media.

Landing page

Landing pages are an excellent way to promote your business services. If you have an eCommerce website, focusing a user’s attention to a specific product or offer could be beneficial. Make sure the page is informative, add some visual elements that link to fresh content. Design the page to have a festive feel and include call to actions to engage your customers with your product or services. Have fun with the wording - instead of ‘Click Here’ or ‘Buy Now’, try ‘Add to your Christmas List’. Or ‘Ask Santa’ to submit a message via a contact form. This could help to increase conversion rates.

Christmas is for giving

Christmas competitions are a popular way of attracting more traffic to your website. Be sure to promote it across social media to ensure it reaches the right audience. Everyone loves a Christmas present, so make sure you add a gift.

Let it snow, let it snow!

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Why not transform your site into a WordPress winter wonderland using a snowfall plug-in. Adding elements and snow particles such as this to your website or landing page will guarantee a white Christmas. You could have snow that avoids or moves with your cursor, or even a snowstorm.

christmas snowfall


The most recent statistics show that video content isn't just effective - the demand is growing at a hugely impressive pace. Videos can be used to explain a process and your services, advertise a product, introduce yourself or simply add a high-impact visual to your website. Branding your festive video is essential if the intention is to share publicly. YouTube (owned by Google) has become the go-to source for videos and looks like it will continue to dominate. Driving traffic to your website through a video marketing campaign will enhance your search engine presence.

Keep an eye on our website over the coming weeks as we’ll be sure to make some interesting festive updates.