Event Planning Check List – 20 Things to consider

Event Planning Check List – 20 Things to consider

Events are a great way to interactively showcase your brand. From sponsorship of an existing or public event, to hosting a company party or seasonal event, there are opportunities to suit every growing business.

Choose from the quirky options of stunt PR and increasingly popular ‘experiential marketing’ (this encourages consumers to connect by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience) through to the familiar with conferences, seminars and networking.

Firstly, what are you trying to achieve? Perhaps you want to raise brand awareness, promote a product; incentivise your customers and employees, or celebrate a company milestone? Whatever your objectives, you need to carefully plan an event that fits into your brand’s marketing strategy. This involves defining your target market, their interests and motivation for going to events.

Also, will you outsource your event management or do it yourself? Either way, you want your event to create a lasting impression – for the right reasons. As any seasoned event pro will tell you, pulling off a great event doesn’t just happen. Behind every successful event is a well-thought out marketing plan. So when event day arrives, you actually enjoy it!

Planning is everything. So here’s a useful check-list to help you get started.

Event planning check-list: 20 things to consider 


  • Select your event/series of events – consider a joint venture with a like-minded company or invite event sponsors/partners to share costs
  • Set your objectives – from specifying the number of attendees you’re looking to attract, to less tangible goals, such as strengthening customer relationships
  • Set your budget – research costs, such as venue hire, to give you an idea of what your budget should be
  • Be realistic about resources – can you manage the event in-house or will you need to outsource to a skilled event manager?
  • Set a date – make sure it doesn’t clash with other industry events or major holidays
  • Choose event theme – for all customer ‘touchpoints’ including venue, branding, entertainment and post-event follow-up
  • Select and visit venues – consider location, size, facilities, technical support, food and drink options, availability
  • Organise branding – including a name and logo, remembering to factor in production times
  • Source entertainment – do you need to book a host or guest speakers?
  • Maximise pre and post-event PR – for print/online media, TV/radio, social media or blog content. Will you invite media to your event? Consider well-timed press releases and publicity if hosting a public event.
  • Design and produce stand-out guest materials – invites, welcome packs, gifts/give-aways and marketing hand-outs
  • Send invites – give guests enough notice to schedule your event
  • Make logistical arrangements – travel, accommodation and parking
  • Consider other requirements: sound system, lighting, fireworks, catering, furniture, additional staff, photographer/videographer
  • Pay attention to detail – e.g. would flowers enhance your exhibition stand?

On the day

  • Arrive early – for branding set-up; a staff briefing and a general run through of the day to iron out any problems that crop up
  • Don’t forget essentials – your kit bag, sellotape, scissors and pens
  • Capture plenty of images – for live and post-event communications and sharing on social media


  • Invite feedback – send a ‘thank-you’ to guests with a feedback survey to help you evaluate its success
  • Organise post-event media coverage – to promote your event’s key messages

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