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A little more from Sue…

How did the business grow?

I would love to say this was all part of a grand business plan that played out perfectly from the start, but it was far from it. The business initially grew organically through word of mouth and recommendation. It has been quite a journey for me both personally and professionally. With a handful of clients, I worked as a single freelancer for over two years. In March 2016, I met Beccy who offered to help run a Social Media Workshop for small business owners, to raise funds for my London Marathon 2016 place, running for Team Sense. We worked well together, and the customer base was increasing, so she started working with me. I quickly saw the benefit of having another consultant on board. Beccy brought a new skill set to Kemp Marketing, with a background in sports sponsorship and event management. I also enjoyed the company in the office and having a creative friend to bounce ideas off.

How did the business focus change?

My focus and priorities changed later that year, when my husband and I separated, and he moved to Copenhagen. The role of the business became far more important, it changed into a future income for our smaller family. I needed a more established career that offered the flexibility to take and collect my daughters from school and to spend quality time with them. Bringing more people on board provided added support, capacity and security. Sally Low, a friend I met at church, joined the team in January 2017 with a background in financial services, adding further experience and allowing us to extend our client base.

What additional skills were brought into the team?

Digital Marketing

As classically trained Marketing professionals, Beccy, Sally and I were conscious that we needed to bring in up to date digital expertise. The marketing landscape had changed so much in 20 years! Fortunately for Kemp Marketing, Reigate and the surrounding area is teeming with untapped talent. A wealth of individuals who have gained invaluable experience at large organisations and city agencies, who are now looking for an improved work-life balance. Harriet Mears, our digital marketing consultant, joined the team in March 2017 bringing in much needed digital strategy skills with some amusing trolling stories from her time working at a well-known coffee brand!

As our business grew, we recognised the need for further support, particularly with social media management and digital advertising. In October 2017, Digital Marketing Executive Charlie joined us. He came with new ideas and sees everything from a new Gen Z perspective, which is refreshing for all of us.

Website Design & Development

In February 2018, we brought in James, who I had worked with on a freelance basis for over a year. This introduced a new capability to the team and allowed us to offer clients full website design, development and hosting services. Nick joined the team shortly after to increase our capabilities in website development on additional platforms.


Rhiannon joined the team in October 2018, with a background in start-up and fashion PR services, to fulfil a growing need for small business PR consultancy. She also assists with the management and sourcing of partner PR agencies for larger client needs.

How do you cover any skills gaps?

Where we don’t have in-house expertise, we have a reliable extended team of freelance professionals who provide us with additional services, such as branding, design, copywriting, photography and videography.

How do you think Kemp Marketing will evolve?

Faith has always played a major role in running the business. I pray about everything, which often leads us down new paths that fly in the face of traditional business practise. In October 2017, I attended the UK’s first Movement Day event in London. A worldwide initiative which seeks to connect individuals with spiritual leaders across business, politics and church leadership to instigate social transformation. It was at this event, I met a business mentor, whose guidance and experience has been invaluable throughout this journey.

I like the size of the team and the family feel we have in the office, so I don’t want to lose that by becoming too large. We enjoy working with ambitious entrepreneurs and have no burning desire to deviate from this by bringing in contracts from larger corporates. The most important thing for us, is working with good people and sharing their passion for business growth.

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