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Rebecca Scholes

Operations Manager


Rebecca has spent the last 15 years working with SME’s in the media market research and architectural sectors (Adjaye Associates), with a short stint in a global corporate research firm IHS Global Limited where she managed company integration. She has wide ranging and in-depth experience in providing business operational support to key players and management teams.


From HR and finance, to legal and operational activities Rebecca has worked closely with founders and managers to develop policy, manage change, implement systems and advise on business management. She has a BA degree from University of Birmingham in Drama and Theatre Arts.

Years Experience

15 years working with SME’s.


Theatre, Pilates, socialising and spending time with family.


Jogging and rain.

A bit more...

Rebecca recently co-developed a vocal training practice which aims to help the individual develop vocal confidence and presentation skills in the workplace, bringing together her background in creative arts and business. Since having children she has enjoyed using her skills to support small businesses in an affordable and flexible way, ensuring best practice and supporting business growth.