Royal Wedding Fever – Pick of the Best Campaigns

Royal Wedding Fever – Pick of the Best Campaigns

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day fast approaching, we have taken a look at some creative marketing campaigns surrounding the event. As ‘royal wedding’ topped Google’s search term list in 2011 and this year’s event predicted to generate over £1 billion for the British economy, there is no doubt that there is huge interest from businesses and the general public alike. Read on to discover some of our favourite campaigns surrounding this year’s Royal Wedding.


Argos offered a discounted price on diamond rings when the engagement of Harry and Meghan was announced. They even posted on twitter “we might not be able to provide you with a Prince Charming, but we most certainly have the diamonds”.



The German supermarket chain took to Twitter to congratulate the couple on their engagement through their ever-popular ‘Kevin the carrot’ character. A funny image of Kevin was used with the caption “we’re so pea-sed” for Prince Harry. Surely a humorous and unique way of celebrating the Royal engagement.

Aldi Royal Wedding Marketing



Strongbow, the world’s leading cider company, took a step back from production to take their part in celebrating the Royal Wedding. Teaming up with well-respected British designer Stanley Chow, they have created a limited-edition range of Royal Rose tea cups.

Strongbow Royal Wedding Marketing


Omni Berkshire Place Hotel

This American hotel located in the centre of New York City are celebrating the Royal Wedding in typical British fashion. An extra ‘royal breakfast’ has been added to their room service menu for the big day. The royal breakfast includes tea and scones, mimosa flight and a freshly cooked full English.

Sass & Grace Bridal Boutique

Hampshire Bridal Boutique Sass & Grace have featured a countdown to the ‘big reveal’ of Meghan Markle’s wedding dress on their social media. With economists at Brand Finance predicting that 150 million pounds is going to be pumped into the British economy by consumers trying to mimic Meghan’s style, there is surely huge interest around the fashion of the bride-to-be. A great example of how smaller businesses have incorporated the Royal Wedding into their marketing initiatives!

Sass & Grace Royal Wedding Marketing


Tyrell’s Crisps

Tyrell’s have taken a more light-hearted approach at their Royal Wedding related campaign. A new flavour of parsnip crisps, labelled ‘Ginger and Sparkle’, have recently been made available for purchase. Prince Harry may not be happy with the name choice, but we are sure Meghan will be pleased to ‘sparkle’ on Saturday!

Tyrrell's Royal Wedding Marketing


When using a national event in marketing campaigns, it is important that businesses link to the event with authenticity. This has been done successfully by the companies listed, and many more across the world. With IP restrictions tightly surrounding any major event such as the Royal Wedding, it is vital that campaigns are associated in a relevant way that avoids any breaches of commercial rights. The team here at Kemp Marketing are looking forward to celebrating Harry & Meghan’s Big Day and watching how different brands continue to embrace this feel-good story!

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